Success Academy is the only company in quebec that trains their tutors in high performing groups, lead by education experts such a Teachers, Orthopedagogues and Neuropsychologists. As a result, our tutors are fully equipped, allowing them to offer a superior tutoring experience, anywhere in the province!
We do not believe, nor support, the basis that tutors are ready to work the day they are hired, without any formation. We also do not believe in the “certifications” that are openly distributed to the people who complete an online quiz after reading a few paragraphs. We take the time to train every tutor to assure that our students receive a qualified, and personalized tutoring experience.

All of our tutors have to participate in intensive formation groups, that take place at the Hotel Fairmont Queen Elizabeth, in downtown Montreal. Thus having the opportunity to further learn different tutoring techniques, but also acquire the ability to offer an adapted tutoring program to students, maximizing their learning progress. It’s through this intensive formation that we assure high-quality service, giving us the confidence of the value we bring that can’t be found anywhere else in Quebec.

(1)REQUEST: Opt-in this form by answering a few questions to help us assess your requirements.

(2)CONTACT: You will be contacted by email, or phone, to determine a date for your first tutoring session.

(3)EVALUATION: We offer a free session to our customers so they can vet the quality of our services.

(4)SUCCESS: After the evaluation session, the tutor and the student will work together on a weekly basis, towards a successful academic year.

We assign a tutor based on the information given in the request form. For example, if you are looking for help in Mathematics for your child, who also happens to be timid, or having concentration difficulties, we will assign a tutor who is passionate for mathematics and will help him get through all barriers to develop an interest in the subject, and excel at it!

We aim at finding you a tutor on the same day of your demand!

We also guarantee to find a tutor in 72h, or else the first lesson is on us.

We currently offer Credit Card, Interac and Paypal payment methods. 

No, you don’t. It’s free! We are confident in our quality and we are sure that you will love it. Nevertheless, we offer our first lesson for free so you might judge for yourself!

Our broad network of tutors enables us to help students starting from kindergarten to university.

The comfort of the student is above all. The lesson may take place at the house of the student, or perhaps the school library, or café etc. On-demand, the lesson may take place online. Skype).